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Richard Millang / Guitars, Vocals, Bass
David Mac Wha / Drums
Nathan Guevara / Guitars
Lisa Dewey / Vocals

Bethany Curve formed in 1994 and is from Santa Cruz, California.
Although some members have changed out over the years, Richard Millang
and David Mac Wha are the original members.

Murder! is Bethany Curve’s 6th release and their first since 2004.
This record is arguably the purest expression of their music,
bringing forward even more of Bethany Curve’s signature sound,
multi-layered guitar texture and narcotic guitar leads.

“Each song has been inspired at least in part by my dreams.
The lyrics were all dream inspired. Some of the melody lines
were also written in dreams and came through in fragments that
I was fortunate enough to recall immediately after waking.”

Richard Millang
Atmosphere | Arrangement | Sound | Layering | Noise

Since 1994, Bethany Curve have released 4 records under Unit Circle
(Seattle, WA) and are currently releasing their 5th under Kitchen Whore
Records (San Jose, CA).

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