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Lisa Dewey & The Lotus Life

Lisa Dewey began playing live shows in 1990. After playing solo for a few years, she formed a band to complete her ethereal pop sound. Lisa's songs usually start out as folk songs, and then the band adds drums, bass and heavy melodic lead guitar to transform the songs into floaty pop. The band features John Testani on drums, Paul Zimmerman on bass and Keith St. Thomas on lead guitar.

The following releases are available through:
Busk (CD) NEW!
Release date: 04/06/04
10 Songs, 2004
Mellow Day (CD-Single) NEW!
Release date: 04/06/04
3 Songs, 2004
Weather Changer Girl (CD)
10 Songs, 2000
Watching Her Fingers (CD-S)
3 Songs, 2000
Lola Cuki (CD)
10 Songs, 1998
Self-Titled Debut (Cassette)
Spank (Book)
88 Pages, 2000
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